Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Inner Game

I was dressed for success, I spoke power phrases

I lived through stresses, I could create choices

What I couldn’t was, to risk vulnerability

I mastered every book on my shelf; I earned all the riches by myself

Where I failed was, to maintain perpetuity

I accepted mistakes as useful lessons; I could fight every battle with reasons

When I lost was, it came to admire comparability

And now I wake to reality;

To steer clear through the inner journey

To open myself to inner wisdom, to learn to measure every fathom

To go beyond emotions, to make my guts feel the assertions

And after a while I felt I was born again;

I could trust answers I never did

I could laugh at things I never gave heed

I could share talents and triumphs, I never knew I hold

I could look in the mirror with a genuine smile, as my sorrows fold

I have gained and grown with this inner process

I have reigned and shone in spite of the tosses

I call it the inner game; but you my child!!! can play it with any fair name