Thursday, December 17, 2009

What man hath made of nature?

With the vast open marshlands that lay before me

With the huge open skies that stood above me

I became nature; I became the beauty that no one could see

They took water from me, but gave me tears

They took sunshine from me, but gave me darkness

They took air to breathe, but then never released their clasps

They took land to build their homes, but then pulled me up by the roots

I bore gorgeous flowers, I bore delicious fruits, but their cruelty never ends

I was left craving, I lost my glory, and now to their pity my endurance depends

My lap became their ménage, they called me mother, and I smile

Today I beg for assuage, they don’t seem to bother, and I still smile

B’coz they tell me this is nature’s law, where their being would be my exile