Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unspoken words

In the hustle of the days, in the silence of the nights
I have witnessed your kindness even after the silly fights
In my times of defeat, in every moment of delight
You have given me comfort by saying “it’s all right”
When no one stopped to listen, when my pain didn’t show
You could still hear my pulse and the reason you would know
When my strength was running out, when my spirits begged to live
I could feel a feather turning to a stick and see an angel only god could give
Your eyes glow just for me; your smile heals all my way
I stand surprised when you know even words that I don’t say
There are times I bow my head in shame, but I had you to confide
There are times when I praise other names, but in your heart only I reside
I lose hope, I lose faith, and you restore them all
I cherish your presence, but you treasure the bond
It’s amazing that I have a friend like you with whom I can only rise and never fall
I’ll always remember in my prayers, of a friend I am so fond