Friday, February 26, 2010

You are an angel

I met someone in the woods out there

She had a smile so rare and eyes that could dare

Sweeter than the berries, gentle than the flowers

Walked like the cool breeze and danced like the scented showers

I saw her sent right from the sky

Oh she’s an angel, an angel or a butterfly?

Gazing into her beauty when we first met

Yes, I knew then, you were a heaven sent

She played around the trees, she swam in the river

But she had more to her charm than to her quiver

She had wings that were prettier than any painting

Where you could rest in peace without any tainting

She held me even in the daylight and touched me every time when the pebbles nailed

She glowed herself tireless and lit my path when darkness of the night prevailed

Now I know, you would never walk away

Stay with me is all I would pray

Coz you are my angel, an angel till eternity

The one I could always count upon for comfort and tranquility