Monday, April 26, 2010


All this was a long time ago

Out there in the far reaches of space

Where sunrise could meet the sunset

And where seasons could come and go

From there your journey had started

The day you were born

The day you breathe of life

Do not defer the walk now, even if it seems confounded

Garner all your strength you’ll need

Though trials test your patience each day

Learn to press on and not delay

Refine your wisdom and use it as creed

As you take those steps to release the hold

Give yourself one last chance

A chance to believe, to fight, to stand all odds

And you’ll see life, how its mysteries unfold

Always know that someone’s there

You can see the light ahead then

Together you get so much comfort

There is nothing that you should fear

You can argue destiny along the way

But lead yourself on this journey now

Growing stronger and tougher on your path

From which you should never stray