Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Dressed Up

The chalk white faces, the rosy lips
The curled up hair, the slimmer hips
The painted nails, the pointed boots
The designer belts, the fabric it suits
They have it all from the store.

The letters on labels and digits on a scale
Makes me envious and says my size as XL
How on earth has this happened?
How will I fare if I do not follow the trend?
I am afraid I can't wear those dresses no more.

I rushed to the mall but there are no choices
I found a green dress with the satin laces
The size was too small and the price was sky high
I have a garden party but nothing that I can buy
A Boatneck top with A-line skirt lying in my closet is what I wore.

It was creative; it was one of a kind
It was perfect; in it the comfort I could find
I never thought it will gain a compliment or few
By some the outfit was critiqued, for others the style was new
Even though I was all dressed up in XL, for once it did pore.

My neckline never showed the labels
With my peep-toes on, I could walk like a princess in the fables
I went without the glitter on my nails; my lips had a natural shine
My long hair fell straight, and eyes made them drink another wine
But for all this I behaved just myself to come to the fore.