Monday, July 12, 2010

The picture on my wall

That million-dollar smile and silken lines on your face
The deep blue sky drawn across the horizon of your twinkling eyes
That green tree in pastel and sitting under it with me is you
The birds in all pristine feathers greeting us in delight...

Oh! I close my eyes and could see the day we took that photo
The locket you gifted me then still rest close to my heart
Finding solace in your arms in the word-filled winds of cold winter
The dancing cords and resonant notes that embraced us slowly...

Dreamscapes witnessed by our souls bid a farewell to all our sorrow
For a moment I thought life is playing games with my vision
I whispered into your ears “I wish this time just stops here forever”
Your tender flesh seemed to promise me the same with that kiss...

My picture with you will always remain there on my wall
Gleaming backdrops would come and go but image will never fade
A lifetime memory we had and now hold as imprints of our journey
My eyes and cheeks would dry up soon and tearful torrents will end...

I’ll blink twice and gaze at the wall everyday not helpless but brave
To search for colourful outlines of the never receding love
And tell myself that I have work that’s undone before I sit with you
So with the evening bells I can rush to meet you in the picture on my wall...