Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peace by Piece

In the land of the free
Far from the vengeful
Your arms dress for peace
And harmony wraps in nature’s cloak

Pray the miseries and pain never, never again should be felt
The city no more should see those ugly faces
The hate, the prejudice never reaches them in their dark retreat
The streets you wander reminds you of no bitterness within

You have crossed the sea and the justice is done
Its time to gather the pieces you have lost in time
The fetters no longer bound and the locks are broken
Live without a desire to perish and love another as you love yourself

Make a solemn promise to the child in your womb
Awaits a world so embracing and spreads the joy of living
Which even god was once ashamed to commit
When we were caught in agony that seemed to have no ending

Revenge would never again cut sore like a knife
Time will heal all and find some friendship now
The song of jubilation will be sung and oneness will dawn
‘Give peace a chance’ cries the generation

Humiliation has no victory and faith can’t be abandoned
To choose between peace of mind and a piece of heart
Questions your existence which is otherwise so difficult
So spare us this time, and let us breathe the freshness in the air