Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kill and say you lost control
Steal and say I have tried my best to change
Abort and say it was just a sleeping child
Consume drugs and say I was healing my pain

You are guilty each day of your week
You couldn’t stand to hear your own family speak
You robbed your life of its own breath
You murdered your dreams to death

The gunshots had no name, the fire followed no path
The abuse uttered for no reason, the terror had no aim
Only rivers of blood and cries of pain
And left untold was the tale of the crime

Came each time a weaponry new
Like never before the malignancy grew
Too often it was done, too often ended in no solution
And from one to another evilness bleeds like an ocean

A place in paradise is still what you claim for
By hiding behind the shadows of religion
A single step you take towards peace
With ten steps you go back to war

God saw it all, innocent never were we
The wrongs shall be made right for thee
Its time to heal, grow strong, true and mend
Take a deep breath and see what time sends