Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Not Enough!

Are you living for the best or ‘just’ existing?
Are you taking risks or ‘just’ playing it safe?
Do you really matter to them or ‘just’ occupying a space in their lives?
Do you dare to dream of a change or ‘just’ change your dreams when it couldn't be done?

Are you standing strong beside her in love or ‘just’ saying that you love her?
Are you taking time to thank people who blessed you or ‘just’ remember the ones who let you down?
Do you cherish the good in life or ‘just’ lament over the bad?
Do you ever dance in the rain or ‘just’ wait for the storm to pass away?

Are you healing the pain of the needy or ‘just’ sitting with your own?
Are you dancing wildly when happy or ‘just’ scared of looking like a fool?
Do you enjoy the adventure of being alive or ‘just’ care where your stars were at birth?
Do you appreciate beauty in things others can’t see or ‘just’ call it ugly when they disgrace the same?

Are you gaining knowledge that will sustain you in life or ‘just’ falling away when times strike back?
Are you making friends forever or ‘just’ keeping them for the empty moments of life?
Do you live in today or ‘just’ dream of yesterday and vision your tomorrow?
Do you believe in yourself or ‘just’ leave everything to destiny?

Cause all that you are and all that you do is ‘just not enough’!